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AlienTech KESS3 New Release

AlienTech KESS3 New Release

Work in “BENCH mode” on marine engines branded Yamaha, Suzuki, and FPT Marine.

Increase your workshop’s customer portfolio by working in a rapidly growing niche market thanks to the new development for KESS3. Reprogram directly from the connector the Mitsubishi 69J-8591A-XX, Mitsubishi 33920-96L60, Bosch EDC17CV41, and Bosch EDC16C8 ECUs and meet every need without the risk of damaging the control unit.


New supported ECUs:
  • Mitsubishi 69J-8591A-XX
  • Mitsubishi 33920-96L60
  • Bosch EDC17CV41
  • Bosch EDC16C8

Offer a fast and comprehensive service that includes not only performance optimization but also fuel consumption reduction and repair. With KESS3, cloning is also available on Bosch EDC16C8 ECUs equipped on FPT Marine Sofim S30 engines.

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