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AlienTech DynoDrive

AlienTech DynoDrive


DynoDrive is a feature for Alientech Suite and KESS3, designed to calculate and verify the performance of a vehicle while driving.

Using data acquired via the OBD diagnosis port and an integrated GPS module, DynoDrive provides power and torque values. Users can view and compare data as an alternative to traditional power test benches.

It is important to underline that DynoDrive does not replace dynos, but offers a complementary option. The accuracy of the results depends on the quality of the test performed by the driver.



The DynoDrive update is available for the following configurations:

• KESS3 Master – DynoDrive activation: €390.00

• KESS3 Slave – DynoDrive activation: €390.00

• KESS3 Hardware – DynoDrive activation: €390.00

These costs reflect the added value that DynoDrive offers to our customers, enabling testing without the need for additional dedicated instrumentation. No subscription is required. Attached to this email you will find the updated price lists, all of which can be immediately shared with your resellers and customers.



DynoDrive is designed to meet the needs of different segments of the automotive market, including:

• Mechanical Workshops: To verify and certify the performance of vehicles after maintenance interventions.

• Vehicle Dealers: To provide accurate performance data to potential buyers.

• Vehicle Tuning and Preparation: To monitor and optimize the modifications made to vehicles.

• Auto Parts Manufacturers: To test and demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.

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